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The Mysitc Protectors (My chans)

Germain the Mew (Leader) [no ref yet]

Sora the Uxie (The protector of knowledge and the heart)

Mimi the Mespirt (The protector of the emotions and memories)

Tsuki the Jirachi (The protector of peace and compassion) She is the blue one

The Mimi sisters

Mimi the Umbreon. (The one with the Scraf
Mimi the Mespirt (The one with the pink shirt and vest on)

The Mimi's by Chocolatewoosh


Mawile - Pixel by SumDood2003 Wii Owner Stamp by Busiris
I heart Shaymin stamp by Crickey-Kyogre PMDU Stamp 1 by Azure--Phoenix
I love Vulpix by prosaix I heart Gardevoir Stamp by Chibi-Gardevoir
Kingdom Hearts Series Stamp by nakashimariku
Red Stamp by Chocolatewoosh Aqua Stampz by Chocolatewoosh
Who Needs... by Chocolatewoosh Tell someone who cares by RoyallyPurple
Sonic Fan Stamp by Penton Pokemon - Victini :Stamp: by KooboriSapphire .:C:. Mimi the mespirit Stamp by Freeze-pop88

My Little Pony is Overrated by ssbmelee
MLP: FiM Banner Contest by YooMe


As other Pokémon gather around the area for the race Ziarah sat watching them. She was somewhat lost in thought about what she'd been doing lately. She couldn't say she'd be very active with the guild as of late, she didn't think she'd be having trouble as she had been with a few Pokémon she'd met. who'd think she get into fights and get the marks she'd gotten and all for what, someone who she felt was just another jerk off who just said what she wants about others. "Yo Zia." said a tom boyish voice, it was her friend and drafted partner Velvet. "This race looks like it be kind-of fun to be in." she said as she sat down next to Ziarah on the bench, Ziarah just nods and keeps looking at the other Pokémon preparing for the race. "Hey Zia, you ok? You aren't still hung up on that chick?" Velvet asked with some concern. Ziarah doesn't respond. "Ugh, It won't do you any good to just mop around about it, she said it and probably won't take it back." Velvet said with a slightly annoyed grunt. "....." Ziarah just puts her elbows on her knees and sighs. "Besides she doesn't know you, so how can she even know how you think, you don't know her and she doesn't know you, so neither of you know what the other is truly thinking, so she can take all the crap about how others being to so called nosey all she wants, She'll get her own buns burned and problem by her own mouth." Velvet said to the Meowstic who was listing but it was unclear if the little Pokemon's words were getting through, sometimes it was hard to read Ziarah's feeling from her facial expressions since she did at times do that neutral look some Meowstic had at times. Velvet sighed. "Come on Z... I thought when you sighed me up and stuff you said we'd have some fun, but all you've been doing is ..well working on our little project but besides that we haven't done anything together." Velvet said looking disappointed at her partner. Ziarah's eyes lit up as she heard her friend's disappointment. "I though it over and got over being put on the team and it might be fun or I thought so..." Velvet frowns turning her attraction to some of the other Pokemon around. There was silence for a while between Ziarah and Velvet, then Ziarah spoke up. "Hey Velvet?" Ziarah said to her teammate whose ears perked up on hearing her friend talk back to her after the long silence. "Whatz up?" Velvet said leaning in to hear what her friend had to say. "....Would you like to race together?" she asked the Squirrel. Velvet titled her head thinking about it a moment. "Umm Sure I guess."  She said with a smile on her face. "Let’s find a cart quick looks like they are going to get this on and pop'en in a few." Velvet said as she hopped down off the bench. Ziarah got off the bench as well and looked into the sky as she saw a cloud of what looked like to be a gemstone, Ziarah then begin to remember some of her mother’s words. "Never let your mistakes hold you down, if you do then you have made it for no good reason." the cat Pokemon then closed her eyes and then reopened them looking back at her friend with a smile. "I'm sure there is one the size I can pull with you in it." Velvet then crosses her little arms. "Yeah and we'll win." Ziarah then looked at her friend a bit oddly. "Um Velvet dear, it’s a bit early to be singing our victory anthem don't you think?" she said rubbing the back of her head. Velvet then smirks. "Eh, maybe but with your speed and some of my moves, we should make a good team right?" Ziarah then shrugs. "I don't know it depends..." Velvet then bends her lip in curiosity. "On what..." Ziarah says with a smirk. "On how badly we beat the rest of the competition. Come now Velvet, let’s go!" she said with a confident look on her face. "Let’s roll out!" Velvet says as they both dash off together to find a cart for Ziarah's size to pull.



A few minutes later Ziarah and Velvet were lined up with the other Pokemon who were in the race as well. "Ok Z everything is set. Let’s get ready to smoke'em." Velvet said as she sat forward in the cart. "We can't smoke them because they'll be ashes by that time." she said with a smirk. "Hehe, hey that wasn't too bad, good one Zia." Velvet says snickering a bit at Ziarah's remark. "Alright you guys are ya ready?" Cuffin said as he took his place to start the race off. "3...!" everyone quieted down. "2...!" Ziarah and a few other Pokemon got ready to take off. "1...!" Ziarah began to use her Psyshock and curled up into a ball. "Huh?" Velvet said curiously, what was she doing? "GO!" Cuffin yelled. Ziarah then pushed herself off with her Psychic giving the effect of a burst of air around her while she was still rolled into a ball. "WHOA!" Velvet said in surprise as they both blasted off alongside some of the other races.


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